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Incredible piece and so invigorating. Love the Elements of style quote at the beginning. Themes you mention overlap with what I have been thinking about :trying to learn to meditate to deal with anxiety and a galloping mind-at least starting with breath counting- with help from an book by Lawrence LeShan, How to Meditate-a Strunk-ian type -who cautions against "easy" , "breezy styles" offered by many new age charlatans .Have been listening to vids on youtube of Tibetan bells. Bertolucci 's the Last Emperor was on TV and it opened up apart of history i don't know about.Enjoyed the round faced Qigong breather ,too.and quotes...Kittler one-amazing.The clips of brutal violence against protesters I reposted. Here in Canada-Trudeau (another WEF young Global Leader -like Macron)is spending $40 million on a reno to his residence, he stayed in a 8k a night hotel in London-we payed $170 million for his holiday to sunny climes.His gov just gave themselves the 4th raise since 2020.So glutinous. Real inflation is at 16%. Average mortgage payments went from $1450-$3200 a month when bank increased rates.Crushing people.But we don't protest.And worse we mock and slander those who do.

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